Random Acts of Kindness

Any why not?


It sometimes will cost you nothing other than help someone feel a little better within themselves. It also will make you feel good!


Go on give it a try!!!


1. Spend a day smiling at everyone you cross paths with.

2.Donate food to the foodbank from your kitchen that you are not going to use!

3.Let someone ahead of you in the traffic or at the shop counter.

4. Volunteer and help your community. Give your Time!

5. Pay a sincere compliment to someone.

6. Donate old books you are finished with to your local Surestart community Library.

7.Donate Blood - to help others.

8.Greet at least 5 people with a 'hearty good Morning' in person, phone or Facebook.

9.Pay for the person's coffee behind you in the coffee shop.

10.Bring flowers into the Nursing home or your place of work to cheer others up!