Tips for going back to School

Ease your children into the new term with these tips:

We all know it’s coming, so why not make the annual back to Playgroup/Nursery/2 YOP/Creche/Sure Start that bit easier with some basic planning before September:

  • During the holidays keep mentioning school naturally in conversation in a positive way. It’ll make the new term feel less of a big deal.
  • If bedtimes have got later, and mornings more relaxed, try to get back into schooldays several days before you have to.
  • Make your move early – shops are stocked now so take advantage of staff expertise and fantastic bargains if your child needs a uniform. (if you need support with a uniform grant as the Sure start centre for guidance to see if you are eligible)
  • Aspire the night before to get clothing ready and place school bag by the door before bedtime.
  • Set the breakfast table the night before.
  • Leave sufficient time to prepare a packed lunch in the morning (if applicable) Plan ahead your 5 day packed lunch menu. (Think healthy eating) Sure Start staff can help you with your menu and budget.
  • Set your alarm clock and leave plenty of time to walk, or drive or to be ready at the bus collection point and not leave others late.
  • Don’t plan a really busy week for yourself once the children are back at 2 YOP/Creche/Nursery/Playgroup. The first week back can be physically and emotionally exhausting – for you as much as the children! Do something special for yourself such as shopping in peace or having your hair cut, to celebrate all the hard work you have done as a parent so far!

If you need other support please contact the Family Team at 02871 367524 and they will come out to your home and give you guidance on bedtime routines, or support with children who are anxious in starting a new venue/setting or school.


Life is like a CAMERA

FOCUS on what is important.

CAPTURE the good times.


and if it goes wrong..........

Take another SHOT!!!

Tips for Great family Beach Days

The 7 Top Essential Items to Pack:

1. Drinks & Snacks: (Hydration is one of the most important things to think on - have with you water or juice & little snacks to eat)

2. Towels, Sunglasses and a hat!!

3. Sunblock: Have the right block for the age of your child (Re-apply sunscreen creams & sprays every couple of hours)

4. Toys: A few spades and buckets. (let the children scour the beach for rocks, shells and sticks and see what they can make with what they find - or if bringing snacks use the re-usable plastic containers to scoop up sand instead of a spade  & use plastic lids as a frisbee!!)

5. Have a good sturdy beach bag to hold your items.

6.Take Talc with you: (When you pour on baby powder all the sand comes right off - A must have for any trip to the beach)

7.Whenever going to the beach or pool place your mobile phone into a snack size ziplock baggie (Sandwich bag) -You can still use the phone through the plastic without the phone getting wet or sandy hands onto it.

Enjoy  !!!!!!!!!