Random Acts of Kindness

Any why not?


It sometimes will cost you nothing other than help someone feel a little better within themselves. It also will make you feel good!


Go on give it a try!!!


1. Spend a day smiling at everyone you cross paths with.

2.Donate food to the foodbank from your kitchen that you are not going to use!

3.Let someone ahead of you in the traffic or at the shop counter.

4. Volunteer and help your community. Give your Time!

5. Pay a sincere compliment to someone.

6. Donate old books you are finished with to your local Surestart community Library.

7.Donate Blood - to help others.

8.Greet at least 5 people with a 'hearty good Morning' in person, phone or Facebook.

9.Pay for the person's coffee behind you in the coffee shop.

10.Bring flowers into the Nursing home or your place of work to cheer others up!



New Downloads

We now have our Jan to March 2015 newsletter & timetable available. Also available is our 2015 calendar.

Please visit the downloads area to access.

Ideas to do with your Family

Christmas Ideas with your family


1. Drive or walk around the town and look at all of the Christmas lights

2. Wrap a Toy and take it to a charity Christams Tree

3.Watch a Christmas movie together and eat popcorn.

4. Make a hot chocolate drink with marshmallows and sprinkles

5. Visits & get your photo taken with Santa in Brooke Park (9th December) FREE. (Sure Start organise this every year for familie sin our community) Everyone welcome:

6. Read some stories about the birth of jesus or Santa (Join the Sure Start library. There is lots of christams story books and videos to borrow)

7. Make a chistmas craft ornament as a family for your Christams tree (Look at our website for ideas that you can download for FREE)

8. Visits an elderly neighbour and make sure they are warm and safe in their home.

                                                'Happy Christmas' From all the staff at Little Hands Sure Start

Tips for October

6  'New' Tips for all you busy ladies running a house & home




1. Freeze left over buttermilk into icecube trays - and use later (Never throw it out and lets be honest after baking we all have some left over -great idea!)


2. Freeze homenade chicken or vegetable stock/or roast stock into ice cube trays and use for future meals. (Must remeber this at christmas time I always have so much left over)


3.Freeze left over wine into icecube trays and use in casseroles and sauces later!


4.Freeze coffee into icecube trays - It makes instant iced tea in the morning or summer time.


5. Freeze dollops of left over whipped cream for hot hot chocolate or 'Irish Coffee' in freezer tubs and use as and when you need it. (I have tried this - it really works!!)


6.When freezing Bread in your freezer - place a paper towel in the package to absorb moisture . This keeps the bread from becoming mushy when thawed.



Little Tips within the Kitchen

What every women should know:


1. Put a lump of sugar in your cheese dish before covering the chees. The cheese will never get mouldy.

2.  If you buy pears which are hard for eating, simply simmer in lemonade. They soften and have the flavour of tinned pears.

3. If bananas are going off - just cut into slices and freeze. These are lovely then to nibble on as a snack. You will love them and so will your waist line!!

4.Put a damp paper towel over your left overs while microwaving. (This really works!!) Food will taste like when it first was cooked!!

5.Never throw out left over milk - Freeze it into an icecube tray. Once frozen put squares out into a tub and leave in your freezer. You will never run out of milk for that cup of tea or coffee when someone drops in unexpected or just after a hectic day when you need a well earned cuppa and you find there is no milk in the fridge. 

6. You can freeze grapes and use as ice cubes for drinks. They also look attractive in the glass and are an excellent topic of conversation for your family and friends.


This Blog will be updated each month with some of the following:

1.  Household cleaning tips 

2. Healthy family lunches and snacks on a budget

3.  Making your money go further

     and much, much more.

Mobile apps that support learning

NISCC invites you to try out four mobile apps that support workplace learning. The free apps have been developed in partnership with NI employers, educational institutions and Skills for Care and Development.

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